An anchor in your life

Bodhisattva – a reminder of light

If you have a buddha or tara statue, or any other artwork showing holy appearances, we believe it is because you want to remind yourself of something – remind you of your Higher Self, or simply what you consider as worth striving for: Achieving mental clarity, being pure of heart, or doing the best service for your beloved and the people around you.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, these ideals might get lost. You need some focus. This is where some kind of reminder should get into the game. And we believe that the original buddhist idea of a Bodhisattva wants to help you exactly with that: Giving a lightful example of a clear mind. Giving a beautiful idea where you could be headed. Giving a supporting hint what is worth striving for – no matter how much you reach or not.

We consider our artworks as such reminders. May they create a space within your environment, where you can rest and find peace! If you choose them to be, they might become a helpful presence for your mind and heart.

schwarze Tara-Figur mit Mala-Kette
Foto: Jeho Michael Junge

The history of Buddha statues

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